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Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tools - Serving To the Requirements of the Professional End Users Globally
Milwaukee Tools company is one of the most popular manufacturers of portable electric and heavy-duty power accessories and tools. Techtronics Industries, based in Hong Kong, acquired this company in the year 2005. Techtronics was involved in the trade exchange of Hong Kong. Milwaukee thus became the prominent part of Techtronic portfolio which also included power tools of Ryobi and AEG. It was A. Siebert who established Milwaukee Tools originally in the year 1924.

The products are manufactured by this company in different voltage configurations. The product line includes some of the most powerful models that include different saws, drills, sanders and bench grinders. The headquarters of Milwaukee tools is situated in Brookfield,WI apart from its production facilities that currently have its operations in Greenwood and Jackson Mississippi. The corporate office of Techtronics is located in the Northern region of  Hong Kong city.

There are distribution centers of Milwaukee tools located in Mississippi  from which all the accessories and tools are transferred to tool distributors all over the world. A. Siebert, the founder of this company, had a vision  to produce the highest quality tools for both the common man as well as professionals. Today, with all the joint efforts of an expertise team, Milwaukee Tool is able to offer some of the most superior quality and user-friendly tools across the world.

Milwaukee Tool also aims to make the best efforts to tackle any kind of business project with the total of 3500 accessories and more than 500 power tools manufactured by them. The price quotes are also known to be one of the best in the industry when compared to its competitors in the global market. This quality brand company has designed the accessories and tools that can withstand many years of use, too.

No one in the industry can compare itself to the kind of quality, reliability, performance and durability that is offered by Milwaukee today.  In recent times, the company is also known to be the leading manufacturer as well as marketer of portable and heavy-duty power electric tools used by professionals all over the world.

Since the inception of this company, it has tried its best to focus on a distinct and single vision. It aims to produce high quality heavy-duty tools especially meant for the professional users. The total number of employee currently employed by Milwaukee is nearly 1,000 people at the global level.

The company is also known for setting industry standards as well as targeting all the professional users by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and varied manufacturing skills and techniques. These tools are basically arranged in different cells of manufacturing units consisting of the most motivated and empowered team of employees.

Various methods of cellular manufacturing units ultimately help the employees of Milwaukee Tools to focus their entire attention on the needs of the customers. This enables not only in increasing the employee productivity, but an exclusive product quality too. Milwaukee Tool also possesses a 24-hour capability of development process.

The facility of Milwaukee headquarters at Brookfield also hosts the best product application, leadership and sales skills. This facility basically aims to impart training to the employees of Milwaukee, end users and distributor partners from all over  North of America.

In order to implement this capability effectively, the company currently focuses on seven major and prominent areas like market speed, innovative quality, development and research, insight of the customers, development of the employees, leadership and training facility to make that is world-class quality Milwaukee tools.

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